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Swimming Pool

3 Apr

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Relax and submerse yourself in the 3 pools at our hotel Mar del Plata

Who has the choice, find the pleasure! Stay at Mar del Plata in fact means to have 3 different pools where you can freely choose whether to swim or relax and be gently caressed by water jets that offer different massages.
The pools are really fantastic!

1) Classical: outdoor pool (28 degrees C)
To swim in every season in the pleasantly warm water. Here you can swim as best you want. The pool is 12 meters long and provides enough space for all swimmers. In the shallow area the children can play without worries.

2) The hot: Jacuzzi (36 degrees C)
total relaxation, to lie on hot water by being lapped or massaging water. All enjoying the pleasant sea air.

3) The relaxing: spa pool (34 degrees C)
Pure pleasure while you are “suspended” (floating). The massage jets, designed for areas of calves, thighs and back, relax the tense muscles

Water and sunshine are enough to rediscover harmony and to revive your body and mind. After a long day on the beach, what’s better than a dive in the pool and to relax yourself on the sun loungers or on the hammock in our garden…